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I'm the Founder

Engr. Din Muhammad

Engr. Din Muhammad did his Bachelor of Engineering from Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science & Technology, in the Field of Electronic Engineering, he did his post graduation in Electronics (Specialization in Industrial Electronics) from The NED University Of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.over four years of expertise in the area of design engineering and the internet of things, he is a reliable, highly professional, and knowledgeable electronic engineer. He has expertise in the fields of Automation, Electronic Hardware Design, and Electronic Circuit Design, all of which are fundamental to the development of Internet of Things devices. Nearly 40 or more research projects were completed successfully by Engr. Din Muhammad, with exemplary results and client satisfaction. He is equally comfortable working on his own or contributing to a team of engineers

I'm the Co-Founder

Engr. Ahsan ALi

My background is in engineering, and I’m proficient in AutoCAD Design; I’ve worked in this industry for a good number of years. In addition, I have a strong command of the Engineering and AutoCAD 2d and 3d software packages. Furthermore, I am proficient in the usage of photoshop, illustrator, and Solidworks for the purpose of designing the projects on which I work. I am responsible for Drafting and designing and associated products in SolidWorks as part of my role as a Solidworks and AutoCAD Designer. I also work with the Engineering department to turn ideas and concepts into 3D animation using solidworks, which I cooperate on.

Meet the members

Engr. Aqib Khaskheli
Senior Php Developer
Haris Ali
Research Assistant (Doha)
Abdul Muqtadir
WordPress Developer (On Job Training)
Sohail Asghar
Technical Content writer (Malaysia)
Muhammad Ovais Khan
(Hardware Engieer)
Hafiza Kaneez Fatima
WordPress Developer (Intern)

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