Introducing our WiFi-Enabled Weather Station Device, a state-of-the-art solution designed to monitor and report real-time temperature and humidity data. This device is ideal for various applications, including agriculture, environmental monitoring, and smart home systems. Specifically optimized for deployment on a goat farm in Lahore, it ensures optimal living conditions for livestock through continuous environmental monitoring.

Key Features

  • Seamless WiFi Connectivity: Easily connects to any WiFi network, ensuring reliable data transmission without the need for additional networking equipment.
  • Accurate Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Equipped with the high-precision DHT22 sensor to provide reliable and accurate readings.
  • API Integration: Designed to send data to a specified API endpoint every minute, facilitating real-time remote monitoring and data logging.
  • User-Friendly Serial Interface: Simplified setup process for entering WiFi credentials, API host details, and device UID, ensuring quick and easy deployment.

Hardware Specifications

  • WiFi-Enabled Controller: Utilizes ESP8266/ESP32 for robust and reliable WiFi connectivity.
  • DHT22 Sensor: High-accuracy sensor for precise temperature and humidity measurements.
  • Power Supply: Operates on a stable power source to ensure uninterrupted functionality.
  • Durable Enclosure: Optional enclosure available for protection against environmental factors and to enhance the device‚Äôs aesthetic appeal.

Software Features

  • WiFi Setup: Easy configuration via a serial interface to connect to the WiFi network.
  • Data Acquisition: Regularly reads temperature and humidity data from the DHT22 sensor.
  • Data Transmission: Sends the collected data to a specified API endpoint every minute for continuous monitoring.
  • Persistent Configuration: Stores device UID and API host details to maintain connectivity and data integrity.


  • Client: Goat farm based in Lahore.
  • Application: Monitors and logs temperature and humidity data across different farm locations to ensure optimal conditions for livestock.
  • Deployment Sites: Multiple devices are deployed across various locations on the farm, each sending data to a central API for aggregation and analysis.


  • Enhanced Monitoring: Provides real-time environmental data, enabling proactive measures to maintain animal welfare.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Helps farm management make informed decisions based on precise and timely data.

Future Enhancements

  • Scalability: Expandable to monitor additional parameters such as air quality and light intensity.
  • Remote Control: Integration with actuators for automatic adjustments based on sensor data.
  • Data Analytics: Advanced analytics for trend analysis and predictive maintenance.

Project Info

  • Category: Product Design -
  • Client: GoatPure
  • Location: Karachi
  • Completed Date: 2024