Our recent project involved designing a custom pistol holder with 3D printing, circuit designing, and Flutter app development. The holder fits 9mm pistols, has Bluetooth connectivity, and a timer that starts when the gun is pulled. Our app logs the daily pulls and timings and has a fail-safe mechanism that triggers a pop-up message after 20 seconds if the gun is not properly placed back in the holder. We offer a dummy app for testing, and all hardware and software are provided, including circuit diagrams and information documents. We also offer a range of design options for the holder and provide a sample gun for testing. We are proud to have delivered a high-quality and innovative product to our client and look forward to showcasing it as a part of our portfolio.



Project Info

  • Category: Product Design -
  • Client: Binate Digital
  • Location: Karachi
  • Completed Date: 2022