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Open-Source ESP32 Extension Board with Integrated Buck Converter:

Projexels is thrilled to unveil our latest creation – an open-source ESP32 extension board featuring an integrated buck converter. Designed with versatility in mind, this board seamlessly integrates into a spectrum of projects, transforming a 12-volt input into a stable 5-volt output to power a diverse array of sensors. The open-source nature of this board means that anyone can utilize it for their projects or products without constraints.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Module Interface: Projexels’ ESP32 extension board is meticulously crafted to interface effortlessly with an extensive range of modules. From LCD displays to ultrasonic sensors, DHT sensors, smoke sensors, flame sensors, and relays – this board is designed to accommodate a diverse set of sensors commonly utilized in IoT projects.
  2. Power Headers for Any Sensor: Enhancing flexibility is our priority. The board includes ground, 3.3-volt, and 5-volt headers, enabling the easy attachment of sensors requiring these power levels. This thoughtful design ensures compatibility with an extensive variety of sensors without the need for additional modifications.
  3. Integrated Buzzer: Projexels has incorporated an integrated buzzer into the PCB, adding an audible feedback element to projects. This feature proves useful in scenarios requiring alerts or notifications, enhancing the board’s applicability in various domains.

Comprehensive Support and Ongoing Development: At Projexels, we go beyond just providing a board. Our commitment extends to offering end-to-end support, covering the entire process from designing the PCB to printing and assembling. What’s more, we’re actively working on expanding the utility of our ESP32 extension board. Our goal is to develop code for at least 100+ projects, ensuring that our community has a wealth of resources for their innovative endeavors.

Versatility Across Domains: The adaptability of Projexels’ ESP32 extension board knows no bounds. It’s not confined to a specific niche; rather, it seamlessly integrates into diverse domains such as automation, agritech, home automation, monitoring systems, water management, and beyond. Its open-source architecture allows for widespread collaboration and application in various projects.

Conclusion: Projexels invites you to explore the limitless possibilities with our open-source ESP32 extension board. Beyond just a product, it’s a community-driven initiative for innovation. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a business, Projexels is here to support you from concept to completion. Let’s collaborate and turn your IoT ideas into reality.