Our team is excited to share our latest project, a cutting-edge RFID card scanner equipped with an OLED display, an SD card module for data storage, and an RTC module for precise date and time tracking. This innovative device also features a built-in web server with its own WiFi network and password protection, allowing easy access to stored data remotely.


Key Features:

  1. RFID Card Scanner: Our device utilizes RFID technology to efficiently scan and capture data from RFID cards.
  2. OLED Display: An OLED screen provides clear and crisp visibility, displaying real-time scanned data, RFID counts, and device status.
  3. SD Card Data Storage: Equipped with an SD card module, our device automatically generates CSV files to store scanned RFID card data along with RFID counts. Each time the device is powered on, a new file is created to organize data efficiently.
  4. RTC Module: Integrated Real-Time Clock (RTC) module ensures accurate date and time stamps for every scanned entry, enabling precise record-keeping.
  5. Web Server with WiFi: The device hosts its own web server with WiFi connectivity, allowing authorized users to access stored data remotely. Access is protected by a secure password for added security.


Upon scanning an RFID card, the device immediately displays the scanned data, RFID counts, and the corresponding date and time on the OLED screen, provided by the RTC module. Simultaneously, the device saves this information into a CSV file on the SD card, ensuring seamless data logging.

Authorized users can remotely access the stored data through the device’s built-in web server. By connecting to the device’s WiFi network and entering the password, users can download CSV files containing the scanned RFID card data, including RFID counts, enabling convenient data retrieval and analysis.


  1. Efficiency: Streamlined RFID scanning process enhances operational efficiency.
  2. Accuracy: RTC module ensures precise date and time tracking for each scan.
  3. Convenience: Remote access via the web server facilitates easy data retrieval from anywhere with an internet connection.
  4. Security: Password protection on the web server ensures data confidentiality and access control.


Our RFID card scanner with integrated web server functionality represents a significant advancement in data capture and accessibility. With its combination of RFID technology, OLED display, SD card storage, RTC module, and web server capabilities, our device offers unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and convenience for various applications.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to refine and enhance this groundbreaking project!


Project Info

  • Category: Product Design -R&D -
  • Client: GoatPure
  • Location: Karachi